Jonathan Harriot is an engineer with experience in design, development, and consulting services for large corporations as well as start-ups. With a proven track record of increasing operating efficiencies, ROI, and increasing the user audience, can help your project flourish.

While applying progressive technologies for any media, he strives to create solutions that you and Jonathan will be proud of!

He works fervently to remain ethically and environmentally efficient in every project such as using: LED lighting, reusable/refillable/repurposed items, low wattage power supplies (EarthWatts), and puts his best foot forward to reduce the carbon footprint left behind.

Stats and Proficiencies

  • W3C Member since 2002
  • Code that passes JAWS and WaSP standards
  • Backward compliant CSS/HTML that degrades beautifully for older browsers without losing attention to detail.

Various Charity & Not-for-Profit Work