Back in 1997, I heard a track titled ‘Shit Luck’ and it was like nothing I had ever heard from various skate and surf videotapes. I heard more tracks from them. So I saved up working at Taco Bell to buy a tape called “The Lonesome Crowded West” for $19 at the local record store. I swooned over its radical style, crazy structure, and lyrical/maniacal lyrics.

I snagged a combo of MP3s from Napster and Kazaa to find as much as I could get my dirty fingernails on and made a mix CD I could take to work to avoid losing my mind with people who played Third Eye Blind, MxPx, Sublime, Zebrahead and other shite music.

Below is about as close as I can get from my memory of what I put on the disc. Imagine being a teenager, going skating and listening to this mix hitting rails, clearing gap,s and tagging up empty pools (usually from empty houses for sale or rent).